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Help support environmental education in Florida!  Becoming a LEEF member connects you to a network of environmental educators statewide, gives you access to our quarterly online member newsletter, allows you to be elected to LEEF board positions, and provides a conference registration discount and eligibility to apply for EE mini-grants.


Our members are individuals, organizations, and corporations promoting professional excellence in nonformal settings, K–12 classrooms, colleges and universities (instructors and students), government and nonprofit agencies, and corporate settings throughout Florida. Memberships terms last one year. 

Types of Membership
  • Individual: All EE professionals, including pre K–12 teachers - $35.00
  • Student: Individuals enrolled in school full-time - $10.00 ($25 discount off the individual membership)
  • Family: Two members living in the same household- $55.00
  • Organization: Educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and for-profit organizations/institutions - $90.00 (each additional member is $30.)     
  • Life Member: Individuals helping sustain LEEF for the long-term - $350.00


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